How to add Gmail account in Android phone

Add Gmail account in Android phone

In this guide, we teach you how to add your Google email or Gmail account to your android mobile phone in a step by step and easy to follow fashion. We will also teach you how to turn on or enable “sync” mode. This will allow the Gmail application to access mobile data or Wi-Fi and update your Gmail inbox whenever you receive a new email.

For this, you will need the latest Gmail application from Play store installed on your android smartphone. Before we begin, you might want to update your android phone to the latest available Android version and software. Update the Gmail app on your phone also to prevent further hassles down the line.

  • Open the Gmail application on your smartphone.
  • Swipe in from the left pane of the app to reveal the app menu.
  • Select the “add account” option.
  • On the next page select “Google”. This will allow you to add a Gmail account.
  • Now type in your username and password in the next two pages and click on “Sign-in”.

You’re done with the job now!

Bonus: How to delete Google account

Now you have signed in with your Gmail credentials on the app. Now by default whenever you open the app, you should get a notification with all the new email alerts.

If you want the app to notify you as and when you get an email, then you need to enable Auto-Sync. This service in Android, lets the applications receive and send data in the background without having to be opened by the user. This will mean MORE data charges mind you. However, the app will automatically let you know of any new messages you receive.

To enable auto-sync in android, go to settings, and scroll to the accounts section. Here you will find an option titled, “Sync”. Select it and you will be able to enable auto sync over mobile data or only over Wi-Fi whichever suits better for you.

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