Top 16 android nougat tricks you should know

Android Nougat Tricks

People were eagerly waiting to try all the features of Android nougat on their phones. There are daily updates and new features that are added by the developers. But how many of us really know about the total system of working on an Android device?

More than 80% of the Android phone users are just basic learners and only use the features that they look on the drop down menu and select only a few of them as per their needs. But there are much more to discover and apply the tricks to get the most out of the improved and developed technology.

So, let us have a look at these tips and tricks to become familiar with the Nougat features that help us managing our work without any harassment.

1. Use multiple windows at a time

The feature of using a multi- window will let you split the phone screen into 2 halves and there you can run different apps on both the screens together without hovering over the phone icons to select one task at a time. You must be aware that not many app support working on split screens at a time, so choose accordingly.

6. Split screen

2. Faster and quick multitasking feature

For faster and quick multitasking you need to tap the “recent tab” opening button. There is the list of apps, windows or documents that you have used recently which remains in the background for future use. From that list, you can go back to the file used recently or used earlier but want to recall the same (if not removed from the list).

3. Expandable notifications 

With the feature of expandable notification you will be able to continue your work or, play games, watch movies or whatever you are doing currently and along with that, you will be able to read the notification in full, to know better what has actually arrived in your phone. The quick access can be easily done among the files through easy swipe until the currently running apps are removed.

4. Reply directly without opening the app

Well, the direct replying feature enables you to reply instantly to the messages that have arrived at the notification bar without discontinuing your work and going to the messaging app for the same.

13. Reply to notification

5. Blocking numbers and people

The most helpful feature is blocking and reporting spam of the numbers that you do not want to receive calls from. You would also not get unnecessary messages from these people that continuously disturb you during your busy schedule.

6. Data Saver

Previous versions of Android also had data savers but the one that comes with Android Nougat is highly customizable. Yet another example of configuration power that ships with Android Nougat.

You will be able to limit the access of the app that needlessly runs in the background and open the same when you actually need them. This will not only keep your phone data well managed but also save your battery life from getting drained each time.

5. Data saver

To set up the data saver, go to Settings > Data Usage > Data Saver. Turn on the data saver by pressing the slide button as shown in the picture above. After that, you can select the apps for which data is not restricted. It is advised that you let the Play apps use unrestricted data.

7. Do Not Disturb

I am often awakened by my phone ringing bells during the night. The “Do not disturb” feature is the solution to this problem. Do not disturb has been around since Android Lollipop but on Android Nougat, it is much more easily accessible.

9. Don not disturb

To set up Do not disturb, head to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb. You will be presented with many settings. The main one is setting up important apps. Important apps are those which are allowed to send notifications so that you don’t miss something important. Once you have set up Do not disturb, you can press the volume key and then toggle Do not disturb on.

8. Adding the second language to your phone

We all want to use Android SmartPhones and do envy others who have them. Understanding the features in English language (basic language) is not easy for all the users at large. This is why you can add additional known language in which you master and go ahead with the working.

9. Encrypting files and folders

You may use file encryption to lock some part of your storage in the device even without disturbing the important apps that you run daily. This is also workable in case you reboot your device because it is one-time action and doesn’t require enabling each time.

10. Management of notifications on the notification drawer

This is one of the best features to avoid unnecessary advertisements, irrelevant promotion pop- ups and etc. You will need to set the app notification behavior to manage the notifications that you get from them. There are options to mute the notification or permanently block them from creating a fuss all the time.

11. Open and use the app while running multi windows

When the system of your device supports multi- windows then why not all app runs over these split windows. Well, one the basic reasons of this problem are the size of the spilt-screen that do not provide complete space to the apps and this makes it complicated to use. You may go to the developer options to resize the window screens accordingly and carry on with the apps that you want to run currently and repeat the same when you are facing such issues.

12. Configure the Status Bar

The status bar is the strip which you see at the top of the screen. You can configure it to be whatever you like. Android Nougat is all about configuration power. You can configure the status bar using something called the System UI Tuner. To activate the System UI Tuner, hold down the gear icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Release it after some time and it will start rotating. Eventually, the System UI Tuner will be triggered.

2. Easily configure notification bar


13. Change the Text Size

One particularly nice feature of Android Nougat is that you can change the size of the text without changing the size of other elements on the screen. This is known as changing the DPI.

To change your DPI, simply go to Setting > Display > Display Size and use the slider to make the text size bigger or smaller.

14. Emergency Information

Android Nougat lets you display your emergency information in case you meet an accident. The doctors can check your emergency information to determine the type of treatment you need. This can prove a life-saving feature!

7. Emergency information

You can enter information like your name, your address, your blood type, allergies you have, etc. Once you have filled the form. The information is available through “Emergency Info” via “Emergency Call” on the lock screen.

15. Pin Your Apps

You might already be familiar with the share option found inside many apps. When you tap on this option, a menu with apps you can share to becomes visible. Using the pin and unpin features you can remove and add some apps to this menu.

To pin an app, when the share menu appears, hold on the app you want to pin and a menu like the one above will pop up. Click on Pin and you are done. Now the pinned apps will appear first in the share menu.

16. Set wallpaper for Lockscreen

You can change lock screen wallpaper just by selecting the image in gallery and go to option and set as lock screen


These were some of the important top Android Nougat tricks that each user must know to overcome their difficulties to work with the device. Instead, these tricks can make your Smartphone user-friendly and easy to move with multitasking features. Work will be easy and it will be much more than a texting and communicating device.

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