How to Block a Phone Number on Android Phone [Tips and Apps]

Block a Phone Number on Android Phone

Do you often receive calls from unknown and unwanted numbers on your Android phone? Are you looking for a solution to block a phone number?

It may be a sales call or simply an anonymous call – you do not want to attend. Of course, nobody likes a buzzing phone all the time. So, what is the way out to block a phone number on your Android? Let’s get into details.

How to Block a Phone Number?

Android smartphone users have 3 options to block any phone number. These include:

  1. Contacting the mobile operator and placing a request
  2. Adding the number to your Auto-Reject list
  • Making use of third-party apps to block a phone number such as TrueCaller

However, this may not apply to all smartphone users. Different smartphone brands have different settings to block a phone number. For instance, Google Pixel has superior blocking features compared to Samsung phones.

How to Block a Number on Google Pixel or Nexus Android Smartphone?

  • Google Pixel and Nexus is Android Marshmallow 6.0+ ready smartphone. In the Phone app, tap the icon (:) for more options. Select Settings > Call Blocking>Add the number you wish to block>Select Block.

Phone number blocking

  • For messages, Enter the Message App>Tap the Block icon at the upper-right corner.

Blocking a Phone Number from the Call Log

  • Select the number you want to block > Click More (on the three-dots) > Tap Add to Reject List.
  • In case if a number is already saved in your Contact List and you want to reject/block it, it is a tough nut. Open Contacts >Select the Number >Tap the Pencil-like Button in the right-hand corner >Tap 3-dots icon > Check the box All Calls to Voicemail.
  • Calls coming from that contact are automatically diverted to the voice box.

How to Block a Phone Number on a Samsung Phone?

  • Samsung Android smartphone users can also block a phone number easily. Tap the Phone icon > Tap the three dots menu > Tap Settings > Enter Block Numbers list. Here, you can manage the Block List.
  • You can also block a phone number from the call log. Tap Phone >Recents> Tap the number you want to block >Tap Details > Tap Menu (the three dots) > Block Number.

How to Block a Phone Number on LG Phones?

  • LG is one brand that makes phone number blocking easy using its handsets. Open Phone App > Tap Call Logs >Tap the Number you want to Block > Tap three-dot menu > Select Block Number.
  • If you want, you can also add, remove or review numbers from the list by entering the Phone App > Call Log Tab > Three-dot menu > Tap Call Blocking & Decline with Message > Tap Blocked Numbers.

How to Block a Phone Number on HTC Phones?

Like Samsung, HTC also allows integrated call blocking. Open the Phone App > Call History > Long Press the number you want to block > Tap Block Caller/Contact. You may also review the Block List in your Phone App by tapping the Menu icon.

Popular Android Apps to Block a Phone Number

If you want a user-friendly app to block a phone number on your Android smartphone, there are some options to consider:

True Caller: True caller is the best app in identifying Reverse Phone lookup and also identifying spams and block them quick. Truecaller will show you spam calls during the call through pop-up, you can cut the call and block them, below given image shows options given by the Truecaller.

Block phone number on android

Should I Answer: The app blocks specific numbers including telemarketing calls and spam using its extensive database.

Should I answer - phone block

Safest Call Blocker: Blocks all the numbers from a custom block list, even the ones not in your contact.

safest call blocker

Mr. Number: A free alternative calling and text app with real-time updates and powerful blocking feature. Blocks specific numbers, area codes, spams, and telemarketing calls.

Call Control: Automatically blocks spammers and tied up with FCC Do Not Call Registry.

 Call control

While most of the mobile carriers feature call blocking functions, there are certain limitations. Choose the best method that suits you.

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