How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock Without Losing Data?

Unlock your Android mobile Pattern

The most common worry among the android phone users is that how they can re-access their data if they have lost their phones lock code. Every other day IT geeks are coming out with their new tricks to recover data from the android phone when the phone is locked. 

As we all know that Android OS is the most commonly used OS in the smartphone industry. Recently, by seeing the huge amount of questions poured in related to retrieving back ‘secure data’ with bypassing the lock, Android community posted few strategies to implement. Although most of the strategies led losing at least 70% of data in some or the other way.

Bypassing android phone lock

Most of us while using android password generally incline to use the password recovery when the password gets incorrect command. This is a common way to retrieve back lost the password, but sometimes the data which they ask to generate a new password does not match as a result the password recovery tool proves a failureMany even feel there is no need to use an android password lock, but it has its benefits. Many people report of stolen phone or being lost, but if they have their password protected in the phone, then the phone acts as a shield, as a result, no private data can be divulged to anyone.

How to reset or unlock android password?

  • Firstly, users have to download Android SDK file from the android studio. Here a very important thing to keep in mind is that you have to run the Command ADB.
  • Secondly, after selecting the file you have to select operating system on which it will be run, the basic 3 options you will get that are namely, Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Thirdly, installing process – Open the file check android SDK platform tool named file, uncheck all the other files in the folder. After which click on install package, this will make install ion your PC.
  • USB debugging – This is very important, the android phone must have the USB debugging enabled in it, if this is not done, then the whole process will not work.
  • Installing android drivers – This is a crucial step, many stumbles at this step. One needs to be careful about compatible drivers synced with the phone.

How to unlock the phone without losing data?

  • Connecting the locked android smartphone to the PC or laptop
  • Open the android SDK platform tools file and then click on the space bar and hold the shift key, then do a right click with the mouse. This will open a command box, where you have to insert some special commands to make the process work. But, before that first see whether the mobile device indicates to be connected to the PC by typing ABD devices.
  • The last step is rebooting the device – once the whole process is completed the device will get a reboot, you should check that USB debugging is enabled in your phone, after which the android phone lock will get disabled and thus you will not lose your important data from the phone.

Resetting password with a link

Sometimes when a user goes on trying to give the correct code (for unlocking the pattern lock),  a link pops up on the screen, it may ask to give a new password, and via accessing that link one can also open the android pattern lock.

Crucial Hard Reset

A very important point to be noted down is that hard reset will wipe out all the contents of your phone. It is only advisable for the users who have no Gmail accounts associated with their devices and want to remove the pattern lock.

These are some of the common tricks to try out to disable the pattern lock to access the data.

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