Top 5 Clock & Weather Widgets For Android [2019]

It is quite natural that one would want to see the time or the clock on their screen but might not like the default one provided by the android phones. One might want it quite funky or classy or the soberest. 

Android Clock Widget

You might not like the theme or the font or the effect it is displaying or you might want to change it altogether. Look at the time the way you want with some of the best clock widgets on the play store.

Best Clock and Weather Widget Apps List

Below is the list provided of the top clock and weather widgets available for Android phones and Tablets on Google play store. We have ranked these apps based on the No. of App downloads, user ratings, and reviews in the Google play store.


Weather & Clock Widget

This app from devexpert.NET is one of the most popular widgets available online. With a colorful and clean interface, this widget on your home screen will keep you updated on the current weather conditions in any part of the world and provide the time accurately according to the proper time zones. Some of its features are:

  • Weather notification alert
  • Hourly weather forecast
  • Customizable font for clock and date
  • Beautiful home screen widgets
  • Sunrise and sunset time

Apart from this, you can also view certain weather parameters such as atmospheric pressure, UV Index, Moon phase, Dew point, and visibility distance to name a few. The widget also supports Android Wear.

Download Weather and Clock Widget


Transparent clock & weather

This app also has 4.5 stars at the time of writing the article and has 50M+ downloads. If you love keeping a detailed track of the weather along with a unique way to express time, then go for this widget. It also has a premium version too which you need to subscribe if you wish to avail it.

  • 10 day extended weather forecasts and live weather updates
  • Weather map
  • Weather wallpaper
  • Temperature notification
  • Clock and date from any part of the world

With this widget, you can plan your trips or tasks accurately according to the weather forecasts it provides. You can also view the next appointments, humidity levels, sunset and sunrise times with this widget. It is also convenient to integrate this widget with other apps such as calendar, alarm, etc.

Download Transparent Clock


Sense Flip Clock & Weather

This widget developed by Machapp Software Ltd rates high on the Play Store with 4.5 stars to its name and over 5 million downloads. This one is a widget packed with features, and completely customizable according to the needs of the user.

  • It has 3 widget dimensions 4×1, 4×2 and 5×2
  • Various widget skins and a flip animation
  • Different fonts
  • Automatic weather update
  • Display of current moon phase
  • Future forecast derails up to 7 days

There are more than 40 languages supported by this application. Plenty of additional features are present on it as well. For instance, the moon phase details, widget hotspot, world weather, weather radar, etc.

Download Sense Flip Clock


Digital Clock Widget Xperia

This clock widget was experienced to give the feel of a Sony Xperia which has one of the best designs and UI’s to date. 

  • It has resizable digital clock widgets (small, big, wide and tall)
  • It has over 18 fonts to choose from
  • You can select your preferred date and time format by customizing the time, date, font and color.
  • It has a semi-transparent backplate with an adjustable color palate
  • Launch different apps by tapping parts of the widgets
  • Weather information and forecast

Getting the premium upgrade of this app enables you to remove advertisements. The update also provides an array of more than 25 fonts to choose from, display the battery levels of your phone and show the current weather and time in multiple locations from around the world.

Download Xperia Digital Clock


Digi Clock Widget

This one has a more funky and millennial look to it with decorative fonts, colors, and layouts that are more suited for users who want more richness on their screens. This app has 5 widgets built in it which are free to use and are highly customizable as well.

  • Various widgets of different dimensions
  • 12/24 hour format selection
  • Using a picture as a widget background
  • 40 fonts for time and date
  • Show/hide AM and PM

Apart from this, you can also set the output of the date in your local language if it is available in the application. Shadow effects are also provided with a color that you as the user can choose. You can also set the transparency level of the widget.

Download Digi Clock Widget

Ready to use Android Clock and Weather Widget?

These are the top 5 picks for clock apps available on the play store for Android phones. Customize your clock however you like, and be as creative as possible! Make your own clock and weather format by using the fonts, size, language and the widget with any of the above you like and give it your own touch.

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