How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently [2019]

Deleting Instagram Account? Social media is taking the place of a dog collar in our lives. The dazzling world of virtuality distracts us from the reality. Instagram is the most trending social media platform among the youth leading to a vicious circle of virtual world. An article in TIME magazine claims that Instagram is the worst social media network for mental health and wellbeing.  A social media break can help you to vitalise your mind. Here are the steps you need to take to delete your Instagram profile:

What does it mean to delete your Instagram account?

Deleting your Instagram account means to permanently remove your profile, videos, photos, comments, likes and followers from the media platform.

Steps to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

You can follow these steps in your Android phone browser, or PC browser, as you can’t delete your account using the Instagram Android App.

Step by Step guide to delete your Instagram account

  1. Open Browser and Log In Instagram

    You have to use your mobile browser or PC browser, as said earlier Instagram won’t allow you to delete the account using their Android or iOS App.

    1. login Instagram

  2. Go to Settings

    Go to your profile and tap on the settings on the top right of your profile. Instagram includes a various number of setting options and its hard to find out the way of deleting your account. Further, take your finger to the help tab.

    2. Instagram Help

  3. Tap Help Centre

    After going to Help, Tap on Help Centre

    3. Instagram-Help

  4. Go to Managing Your Account

    Instagram will take you to a web browser as in the image below. Scroll down and click on Managing Your Account.

    4. Manage Account

  5. Delete Your Account

    Tap on Delete Your Account which is the second option under Managing Your Account.

    5. Click Delete your Account

  6. Click “How do I delete my account?”

    After tapping on Delete Your Account, you need to tap on “how to delete my account?”. The page will expand with the information of the process of deleting your account. Now, tap on the Delete your account page highlighted in blue in the first section of the process information provided by Instagram. or go to Delete Instagram

    6. Instagram Deletion confirmation

  7. Select the reason for deleting your account

    On the top of the page, Instagram will ask you to consider temporarily disabling your account. Further down on the page select one of the reasons listed in the box. If you don’t want to state any reason for deleting your account, you can tap on “something else”.

    7. Pick reason

  8. Re-enter your password

    Put your password one more time in the text box as in the image below. This will make sure that you have confirmed to permanently delete your account from Instagram.

    8. Retype password

  9. Click Permanently Delete My Account

    Tap on the final red button “Permanently delete your account”. This will further open a pop-up window prompting you to confirm. Just click on it and you are done with deleting your account from Instagram.

    9. Delete Instagram permanently

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