How to recover deleted files in android phone

Have you lost or deleted data accidently?

There must be several files and thousands of data that you had stored in your device. It becomes a horror when you actually lose them accidently. It also becomes difficult when you try to find those data and recover it on your device as it was earlier. The Android device has many features that can be utilized for recovering your lost or deleted files and data. The Android Data Recovery provides security to your device to recover the data back again.

What to do when you lose data accidently?

Now, when you realize that you have made a mistake what do you do? You either try to accept it or try to revert back to the same state as early as possible. But when you lose data from your android phone either accidently or by mistake, try not to use the device at all. Entering new things after losing data might overwrite the previous formats that you enter and it will not let you recover the earlier ones. You must try to take the recovery steps at an early stage to avoid any inconvenience.

Follow the steps to recover the deleted data

You may follow simple and quick steps to recover your lost data quickly.

  1. Download Android Data Recovery in your desktop
  2. Run the recovery option on your desktop by connecting your android device to it with the help of the USB.
  3. When you have connected the device to your desktop, choose the USB debugging option from your phone settings and then enable it to run.
  4. The developer option will let the device read the files that were deleted since the point of time that you have chosen.
  5. Scan the device to bring out the deleted files
  6. Here you can see the developer option showing the list of deleted files and data. Make sure you are able to view the contents of the images, text messages, videos and any other data to be recovered so that you can easily find out the required recovery
  7. As soon as you find the data that you want to recover, mark the items and click on the “Recover” button to do it all for you.

With these simple steps, you can move on and get your task done easily without any incontinence. But as soon as you write anything new in place of the lost data it becomes difficult to run the recovery option because of the overwritten data.

The backup and recovery option

With the help of backup and recovery option, you can perform similar functions. But in this case you need to become proactive and choose the backup and recovery options since you have begun working on your device. This will help you in each step of working with your phone in a smarter way. You may also select the device to synchronize the items to your account (that you need to enter) and get all your data backups stored in the cloud. This option of saving and synchronizing your data with the related account will never let you down and you can easily select the required form of data from the drop down list.

Thus, recover your data and files in a smarter way and arrange them according to your desired option. You will hardly face any problem in an android device unless you create your own.

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