Root Any Android Mobile in 5 minutes

How to Root Android Mobile?

Do you want to gain full control over your Android mobile or bypass the restrictions provided by the manufacturers and hold full control over our mobile devices? The answer would be a definite ‘yes’!

Yes, you can now bypass all the manufacturer’s restrictions and gain full access to your Android Mobiles by rooting them. And in case, you are not aware of this, read till the last to know more about how to root your Android mobile!

What is Rooting?

You might have heard about the term ‘Jailbreaking’! If not, you should know this is a common term among the Apple product users. It comprises of techniques to get deeper in the device’s subsystem and gain control over its operating system.

Rooting can be defined as the ‘jailbreaking’ for Android devices! Rooting your Android devices, you can either over clock or under clock the processor of your device, run additional apps, or can even tinker the firmware.

Benefits of Rooting your Android phone

Every Android user with lower end smartphone feels very bad about the RAM, your phone gets hang often. You can’t make use of the whole phone memory as they are occupied useless system apps. You can make these Dream come true by Rooting your Android device.

Rooting is usually done to achieve the following:

  • Full control of your Device.
  • It helps you get rid of the bloatware that might be impossible to uninstall.
  • Backup and restore the whole data.
  • You can install additional or special Android applications and customize the device’s ROM by flashing.
  • Rooting helps in boosting your device’s performance to an extra level.
  • You can easily block the unwanted advertisements and back up all your data automatically.
  • Rooting also helps you in creating an extremely secured and safe channel to the internet.
  • It also helps your device to overclock the processor and carry out certain operations that are almost impossible to a usual Android device.

How to Root Your Android Mobile?

You can root your Android device by using rooting programs or software. At present, there are three such programs that are commonly used across the globe – KingRoot, Towelroot, and Kingo Root.

In order to root your Android device with any of these programs, you must prepare your device for the entire rooting process. This will require you to:

  1. Back Up the Data:

Getting the back up of your device’s data is the most important thing to follow before rooting your device! Rooting will flush your device’s ROM, and will install a new one; you must ensure that you have all the previous data safe before opting for this process.

  1. Charge Your Device:

While rooting your Android device, you should charge your device’s battery fully. Shortage of power while rooting it might lead to unwanted results.

  1. Turn USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking On:

You can root your device by building a connection between your Android device and a computer. And to do this safely, you would require to on the device’s USB Debugging and OEM Unlock mode on.

Once you are sure of all these, start following the below-mentioned directions in sequence:

  1. Find the ‘Build Number’ of your phone in ‘About Phone’.
  2. Get the ‘Developer Options’ by tapping on the ‘Build Number’ of your phone; Developer Options will appear on the ‘Settings’ page only after tapping the Build Number for seven repeated times.
  3. Check the ‘Developer Options’ by checking the ‘Back Key’.
  4. Click on ‘Developer Options’.
  5. Enable USB Debugging at this stage, and do not forget to activate OEM Unlocking.
  1. Install the Android SDK Tool Now:

At this point, you should download and install ADB and Fastboot to take the rooting process further. You can find several sites to download the required ADB and Fastboot for your Android device.

  1. Unlock the Bootloader:

After installing the required ADB and Fastboot, you have to unlock the bootloader to proceed further with the rooting of your device. To note here, the bootloader can be defined as a program or a set of program that decides the applications which will run automatically when your device starts up.

Unlocking the bootloader is extremely important as it gives you the freedom to customize your device. However, you should always check for the bootloader unlocker for your device as some of the mobile manufacturers don’t allow to unlock the bootloaders. However, if you are not able to find them on the manufacturer’s website, you can get them easily from various sources over the internet.

Once you are done with all these preparations, you can use your preferred programs; KingRoot, Towelroot, and Kingo Root, to complete the process.

Completing the Rooting Process:

The final stage of rooting requires you to find the compatibility of your device with your preferred rooting program. Once you know your device is compatible, go the ‘Security’ and click on ‘Unknown Sources’. This will enable you to download the required app from Play Store.

Post downloading the apps, open the program and follow the instructions to complete the process. Rooting your device might take some time; hold patience, and you will gain full control over your Android device shortly!


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