5 killer Tips to Improve Battery Life for Android Mobiles

How to save Android phone Battery life

Androids mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the best things to happen to mankind! No matter what are the question, your Android mobile can fetch you the exact answers! Life is just so easy, manageable, and effortless with such a phone.

However, as we all know, everything comes with a pre-decided lifetime, and so does the battery of your android mobile. Though the mobile manufacturers promise a certain battery life, you hardly get that much battery lifetime! But this doesn’t mean the mobile manufacturers trick you; this is probably happening due to some of your minor careless acts! Here are 5 tips to improve battery life for Android mobiles; have a look at them and get better battery life!

1. Say ‘No’ to App Killers:

You might be wondering, what kind of a suggestion is this! Or how can someone do without the app killers; phone’s memory will throttle up without app killers! Well, if you are assuming any of these, you are definitely on the wrong side of the boat!

App killers are just named as such. In reality, they do no good to your Android mobiles. Rather than clearing the memory, they themselves consume much of your phone’s resource and starts draining off the battery.

Most of the Android mobiles come with a built-in feature called ‘Recent Apps Menu’. Use this feature to swipe away the unused apps and finally kill them.


2. Turn Off Unnecessary options:

Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth are some of the essential features of your Android device. But do you use them round-the-clock? Ask yourself this question, and try to find the answers to why you need to keep them on throughout the day?

Wifi, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth – Turned ON
Wifi, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth – Turned OFF

Yes, you do require these features while at work or any such occasions, sending a mail, transferring files, or sending your location, but then, you surely don’t need them after you are asleep! Now onwards, before you hit the bed, switch off these features; this will do a magic for your battery’s life!

Also, while hitting the bed, you can switch off your mobiles or at least keep it on silent mode. This will not only save your Android mobile’s battery life but will also not disturb your sleep.

3. Recheck the Display Setting:

The display can also affect your battery to a great extent! Using high-level display settings might make accessing your Android mobile easier, but it causes a great damage to your mobile’s battery life!

Moreover, if you have turned on the auto-lock within a short interval, your mobile’s battery will surely die soon! Just imagine, you mobile is already having high brightness level, and then every time you turn the screen on, it consumes more battery!Recheck the display settings and try to keep it at a minimal level; also, you don’t have to lock and unlock your phone quite often!

Also, avoid using the auto-brightness control on your phone. This feature usually detects the need of increasing or decreasing phone’s brightness level automatically and do the required change. But then, have you ever though how this feature keeps on working? Undoubtedly it uses some extra power from your mobile’s battery and makes things easier for you.

4. Change the Wallpaper:

Vibrant and colorful wallpapers make your Android mobiles look classier. Adding more to this, now you can have Live Wallpapers, 3D Wallpapers, and lot more that can make your Android mobile a desirable piece among others!

Well, if you ask any of the tech experts or even an amateur, they will surely disagree with you! Yes, fancy wallpapers add more to the appeal of your Android device, but what about the battery life?

Remember, the more you seek from your wallpaper, the more you should feed it from your Android mobile’s battery. For a change, you can uninstall all the fancy wallpapers from your mobile phone and opt for a normal or dark wallpaper for few days; you will get the results by yourself! Or, you can simply select the default wallpapers on your phone as they are designed to consume minimum battery power and deliver maximum output.

5. Stop the Notifications:

You might prefer to put your Android device on auto-synchronization mode as it makes life easier for you. However, if you look closely at it, you would realize, putting your phone in this mode results in a continuous power consumption as you have put it on auto-synchronization.

Syncing your phone manually after a certain interval of time, you can save a hell lot of battery power and enjoy an extended battery lifetime. Even while keeping auto-sync mode on, make sure you select longer syncing period.

Also, while installing apps in your phones, make sure you check for the ad-free apps. The popping
of ads also consume plenty of battery power.

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