Speed Up Android Phones (5 Simple Steps)

Speed up Android Phone

We got mail from one of the user asking “My Android phone is very slow, is there any way to Speed up my Phone?“. This article is to speed up Android phones of users who all are facing very poor mobile performance and for people who wants their Android phone to run faster.

Reason for Poor performance of Android phones

When you’ve had a smartphone for a while it can start to feel slow running new apps and switching between ones. RAM — random access memory, is where your phone stores all this background data as it’s using it and not having enough of it to address your usage needs might be the problem. If your phone doesn’t have enough RAM it can struggle, but there are ways to address that issue.

Although it is physically near impossible to increase the amount of RAM your phone has, you can make use of some simple tricks and clever apps to take full advantage of whatever you have to speed up your Android Phone. Most of the methods outlined here are simple and do not require any expertise whatsoever to implement.

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At the later part of this post, we’ll also be looking at a couple of apps that can help you speed up your phone, commonly marketed as RAM boosters and why it might not be a good idea to have these apps running in the background always.

Follow these tweaks to Speed up Android:

1. Disable Animations

Your android phone most probably has a custom-made UI such as Samsung’s touch wiz, or Xiaomi’s MIUI etc. This custom interface is what gives flavor and adds (in some occasions) usability to the different handsets available. Flashy animations, brilliant transitions etc. are courtesy of these UI changes your mobile company makes. Sadly enough, these changes which the manufacturer makes to android require additional memory to run on and some aren’t even properly optimized for the hardware worsening the effects which in turn slow downs the phone.

Hence turning down or downgrading some of the visual effects of the UI can bring down RAM use by a significant margin and make your device feel faster.

Follow these steps to disable animations on your device:

  1. Make sure developer options are enabled. If they’re not, go to Settings > About phone, then tap on Build number several times to enable it
  2. Go to Settings > Developer options, and scroll down to Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
  3. Tap on each of the animation options and turn them off.


Remember to leave Developer options turned on to keep the animations disabled. Turning Developer options off will reset the animations back to their default settings.

2. Limit widgets and live wallpapers.

A lot of widgets on your home screens and having more of the home screens themselves can hog down your device a lot. It can eat up a lot of RAM and make transitions jittery and app increasing initializing time.

If you have an older device or something that doesn’t have enough ram for your kind of usage, you’d be better off not using those live wallpapers and limiting the number widgets on your home screen.

3. Disable or uninstall apps you don’t use.

The best way to speed up your phone is to uninstall unwanted apps. Some applications take up RAM or continue working in the background even if they aren’t currently being used, so you’re getting all the downsides of unnecessary RAM use without any use. Organizing which apps should and should not be running in the background can take time, but it’s worth it to improve your smartphone performance.

To disable an application, go to Settings and then Apps or Application Manager. Next, go to the All tab to get the list of all the applications currently on your device. To disable an application, tap on it, then tap Disable and confirm. You can also choose to uninstall the app here. Be careful not to disable everything and anything, unless you want to end up with an unstable system, but most apps that don’t come pre-installed on your handset are safe to disable.

Apps to speed up Android Phones

There are apps that let you speed up your phone by optimizing background tasks, automatically closing and disabling services which aren’t necessary and are memory consuming. Be wary of their use however, because some of these apps can slow down your system and make it unstable instead of making if faster and more usable. Listed below are some apps which we find are useful in this respect. Most of these apps have paid as well as free versions, if you find the free version useful, it’s suggested to upgrade to the paid version from the play store, because they don’t contain ads and offer better support.

1. Clean Master

Clean master is one of the most popular junk cleaners for android. If your Android phone is junk free, then obviously, it will give you more free RAM on your android phone. The app also aids in freeing up your internal storage in an efficient manner. It comes with built-in cache cleaner, junk cleaner, and notifies you of suspicious files and apps on your phone.


2. CCleaner

Taking after the much-acclaimed desktop version, their android counterpart is as effective. It cleans, optimizes and looks out for you by monitoring your system constantly. You may keep track of your CPU, RAM usage etc. with this app.ccleaner-to-speed-up-your-phone

3. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

Like the above apps to speed up your phone, this app has a little more graphically intensive UI. DU-Booster-to-speed-up-your-phone

4. Avast Cleanup & Boost

This app is somewhat new in this segment, a simple junk and cache cleaner for android. Doesn’t use a lot of your system resources, hence recommended for older handsets with slower processors. Their antivirus app also comes highly recommended, if you install a lot of apps from external sources its worth giving this a try.Avast-to-speed-up-your-phone


Finally, if nothing seems to be improving the usability of your phone it’s always better to go for a newer, better device. As companies keep on improving their products among stiff competition, prices of good smartphones have never been as low before. Do check out our post on the best android devices out there for any budget.

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