Top 6 Games that don’t need WIFI – Offline Games

No WiFi Games – Games that don’t need WIFI

Offline games on the app store allow you to enjoy a break free entertainment period with or without a stable WiFi connection. We don’t always have a stable internet connection on our devices, especially while traveling. So, what should we do when we get bored of the lengthy travel that seems to be taking forever?

Playing an interesting game on your phone will allow you to sail through hours and hours of travel quickly. Here is a list of the most popular no WiFi games that do not require an internet connection to play. I have included different types of games from various genres to suit your likes perfectly.

Subway Surfers – Offline Game

Subway surfers - offline game

The classic Subway Surfers gamedoes not require a stable internet connection for operation. Unless of course, you want to compete with your friends on social media, you can play the game without a WiFi or cellular data connection.

The best part about the game is that it will save your score even without an internet connection and you can share your achievements with your friends once you get a hold of it.

Temple Run – Offline Game

Temple Run - offline game

Believe me when I say that Temple Run acts as a wormhole of sucking time. You can play this game for several hours without realizing that for a minute. The intuitive interface and the great graphics on the game allow you to play it non-stop.

You also get the option to restart your game multiple times by earning rewards in form of gems. Exclusive power-ups and a great storyline make the game even more likeable. The best feature of the game is that it has no end! Therefore, you can play this game for ages and still not be satisfied with it.

Asphalt 8: Airborne – Offline Game

Racing - offline game

If you love cars and racing as much as I do, you will love the Asphalt 8: Airborne. Although you require a high-speed WiFi connection to first download this game, it works flawlessly without one after download.

The intriguing racing events and the insatiable thirst of purchasing new cars as you keep on winning events will keep you engaged for hours. However, you need a device with a decent processor specification and ample internal memory to run this game smoothly.

Real Racing 3 – Offline Game

Real Racing 3 - offline game

Real Racing 3 is another one of the racing games that compete with Asphalt 8. The best part about this game is its realistic driving experience from the first-person view. You get the feel of driving an actual Nascar racing car on a track with the high-end graphics offered by this game.

The only problem with this game is that it requires aninternet connection every once a while to download a few stages/vehicles.

Angry Birds – Offline Game

Angry birds - Offline game

The most classic arcade game, Angry Birds is a game that is liked equally by adults as well as kids. This Rovio enterprise game is intuitive and easy to play. The engaging story-line power-ups, as well as simple gaming interface, allows you to play the game for extended periods without getting bored.

Shadow Fight 2 – Offline Game

Ninja - offline game

If you love games that offer you the adrenaline rush of being in a fight, Shadow Fight 2 is the perfect companion for your travel. The game offers an intriguing storyline and a surreal gaming experience without consuming a lot of processing power. The game only gets more and more interesting as you compete against stronger opponents.

It is a good idea to download at least two to three no WiFi games on your smartphones before your big trip. These no WiFi games will keep you company when you wait for a flight or your dinner at a restaurant. Since they do not require a stable internet connection, you also save a lot of money on cellular data by downloading them once.

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