Top 7 Browsers for Android

Since browsing the web on the move is a basic necessity today, having a decent web browser is crucial. There are several browsers for Android having different features and functions with varied performance. However, we always look for a browser that can literally change the experience of browsing the internet. Therefore, finding the right browser for Android is the key. In fact, a good browser is enough to make a slow app work and speed up an unresponsive webpage by saving the password and allowing third-party plug-ins.

Android Browsers

Luckily, we have picked up the most robust and intuitive mobile browsers for Android to make things simpler for you. Nonetheless, it is a matter of choice and taste, to find a browser to suit your needs.

1. Google Chrome

No prize for guessing that Google Chrome that the free browser, is always the ultimate choice. It is also an equally popular browser for Android that comes pre-installed on most devices.  It features easy syncing with Google Chrome on your desktop along with all the latest Material Design, deeper Android integration, unlimited browsing tabs, and several other features for basic browsing as well as power users. It comes in 2 beta versions.

Chrome is a unique browser for Android. It does not function as a browser; it is more of a launcher for Chrome Custom Tabs. Google chrome browser takes control of weblinks and opens them in a standalone Chrome Custom Tab for easy and quick browsing. To use this, you must have Google Chrome installed on your Android Smartphone for full features and functionality. It is a light browser, just great for your basic use. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

2. Brave Browser

Brave browser

Brave Browser is the latest Android browser that was launched in 2016. It has plenty of interesting features with an inbuilt adblocker. In addition, it can also block third-party cookies and block scripts. It has HTTPS too. The browser comes with per-site settings just to make sure you can easily browse and enjoy it. This browser for Android boasts optimization for battery life and speed improvement. It comes with all the basic features of history, privacy control mode, and bookmarks.

3. Firefox Browser

Firefox browser

Since its advent, Firefox has come a long way. It is now considered one of the best browsers for Android. Firefox has plenty of interesting and impressive features, including desktop synchronizing, easy bookmarks, privacy features, Chromecast support, quick sharing, and much more. You can have full access to some of the add-ons to improve the overall browsing experience. It is one powerful Android web browser that is free for use.

4. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is the most successful of all browsers for Android. It has decent features like theming, ad-block, flash support, incognito mode, and certain other features such as gesture control. It also has add-on benefit and extension support. It covers all the basic functions, which makes it a very popular browser.

5. Opera browser

Opera browser

One of the best features makes Opera browser outstanding is the built-in VPN functionality, if your country does not allow certain websites, just click on VPN and change to some other country to access the site. This Opera browser is also very lightweight and easily operable.

6. Flynx

Indian Labs introduced Flynx, a new browser for Android, with myriads of features. This is one unique browser that works in floating windows and allows quick browsing. It does not compel the user to leave the app in use. Whenever you click a link, a little bubble opens on the side of the screen and the page loads in its background unless you choose to click on the bubble and read it. It also has other features like Night Mode. It is an unusual Android browser in this space.

7. Lightning Browser

Lightning Browser has made a comeback as one of the finest browsers for Android. it features an excellent lightweight experience combined with elegant design. In addition, it has various features like theming, ad blocking, and much more. It boasts compatibility mode with Orbot as its Tor proxy. In fact, it is the most secure web browser for Android and open source too.

Ready to use Android Browser?

Here ends the list of top 7 Android Browsers for your Mobile, If there are any browsers for Android we missed listing, feel free to leave your comments.

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